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How to Prepare for your Dreadlock Appointment

For Dreadlock Maintenance: Your hair should be clean (washed within your normal wash schedule) and 100% dry. We can not and will not crochet wet or damp hair. Wet/damp hair breaks easily and we would never want that to happen . Plus if your hair needs to be dried when you sit down for your appointment it may cut into the time we have booked for maintenance and you will be charged for the time that it takes to do so.


Please try to remove all beads and wraps that are in areas where you want your dreadlocks worked on. If something is stuck or you don't feel comfortable getting it off yourself we can definitely help you.


You may want to take a mild pain reliever before and after your appointment as separation and crocheting of roots can cause some tenderness on the scalp. 


For New Dreadlock/Extension Installations: Your hair should be clean and 100% dry. It's ok to use conditioner. The day of your installation, please make sure you have no products in your hair (gels, hairsprays, oils). You may want to start adjusting your wash schedule a few weeks before your appointment. Your scalp is going to go through a transition period just from having concentrated areas of hair (your sections) on your scalp that will no longer be brushed and stimulated as it's used to with brushable hair. We encourage you to work your way up to a once or twice a week washing schedule. If you wash your hair every day currently and then go to washing only once a week, your scalp is going to go into oil overdrive! Which is going to cause more itchiness than necessary. We suggest to slowly increase the days in between washings for the weeks leading up to your appointment. So you can start by washing your hair every two days. Do this for a week or 2. Then increase to every 3 days. Do this for a week or 2. Then increase to every 4 days and so on... until you get to a point where you feel comfortable with. You can of course still wash your hair everyday, however the one thing to consider is that every time you wash your hair you MUST make sure to take the time to dry it in a reasonable time frame. Please read our Dreadlock home care section for more details on this. 

Start researching dreadlock products now, you will need at least a good residue free dreadlock shampoo and most likely a refreshing spray to control the itchiness in the first few weeks. We carry Dollylocks Professional Dreadlock Products in the salon for you to smell and try out. We LOVE them for soooo many reasons, but we will always encourage you to research for yourself! 

Write down any questions you may have and bring them with you. We usually talk your ear off about dreadlocks and will certainly teach and demonstrate how to properly care for your hair at home but if there are any concerns you have, writing them down will ensure you don't forget. And if you want a jumpstart on what to expect at home, read the "Home Care" section here on our site. 

You may want to take a mild pain reliever before, during or after your appointment as  crocheting of roots can cause some tenderness on the scalp. We are natural medicinal friendly as well. Vaping is allowed in the salon, and we have a private back alley where you can consume and other medicine.  

We encourage everyone to eat and hydrate yourself during your appointment. Installations usually take all day and you'll feel much better if you are well nourished. Feel free to bring any food or beverages with you, we have a refrigerator and microwave for your use. You are also more then welcome to order food to be delivered to the salon. We ask that you don't leave for a lunch break and can eat while in the chair! We have complimentary  water for all our guests. You will be allowed to take breaks to stretch, use the restroom, smoke or just get our hands out of your hair for a sec.  

Please do not plan dinner reservations, to work or any other activity for the evening of your appointment. Depending on what you are having done you may end up missing them. Please clear your schedule for the day and evening. Although we work quickly and efficiently we don't ever want to be rushed.

We ask that you don't bring guests nor children with you for your appointment. We do not have a waiting area and seating is limited in the salon for our clients only. We also offer services that last hours and expecting  a child or even a friend to sit calmly while you get your hair done is unrealistic. As is taking multiple breaks for your to attend to them. Please find appropriate child care for your children at home for the day and evening. Thank you for your cooperation.

It's normal to feel nervous! We hope it's an excited nervous, but it's very common amongst almost everyone beginning their journey. It's a big commitment and one that you don't know exactly where it's gonna take you. But that's one of the biggest reasons we call it a journey! We will walk and talk you through it all and make sure you feel confident and happy AF when you walk out the door. We got you... pinky promise! 

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