Dreadlock Artist Collective Classes

Hello fellow dreadlock artist or future dreadlock artist!


We are excited you are considering some classes with us! Furthering our education as professsionals is the very best gift we can give to ourselves and our clients. We are so proud to be educators for the Dreadlock Artist Collective. Our classes are are open to any professional interested in learning the art of dreadlocking or those wanting to elevate their already established business and/or skills with various techniques and tools. We understand that education is not "one size fits all" and there isn't just one "cookie cutter" way to do things, so we offer you individualized 'one on one' in salon coaching and shadowing with our own clients or yours! If you are interested in pricing and setting up some classes please complete the intake form below and one of us will be in touch with you soon! 


Peace, love & dreadlocks, 

Crissa & Erica