Dreadlock Consultation Forms

for new dreadlock creation, maintenance & extensions.

Thanks so much for your interest in our work! We would love to assist you on your dreadlock journey but there's a few things we have to do in order to do so! The first is the consultation process. This is the most important step as it allows us to make sure we have a full understanding of exactly what you are envisioning for your hair! That being said, all new dreadlock clients are REQUIRED to complete the consultation process for all services. We will review your consultation form and you will receive an email back from us with your quote and instructions on how to book your appointment. You will not be able to book any appointment until you receive your quote from us via email. It can sometimes take up to a few days to a few weeks to hear back from us when our schedules are busy. We thank you in advance for your patience and we look forward to working with you and your locks here soon! 

For anyone looking to start new natural dreadlocks (with and without extensions)

You already have dreadlocks and want them maintained or repaired.

You already have natural dreadlocks and want to extend them longer.