Menu & Pricing

 Services below are listed with base prices. Your stylist will give

you a final pricing quote before proceeding with your service.


A free consultation may be required prior to your service appointment.


All haircuts include a wash, blow dry and styling.

Clipper Cut



Scissor Cut


Specialized Curly Cut



Bang Trim/Undercut/Side Shave




Wash, Blowdry & Style



Simple Updo



Thermal Styling



Braid Styling


Organic Hair Color Services

All Highlighting and Double Process color services include a wash, blow dry and styling.

Single Process Full Head



Single Process Retouch



Double Process Full Head

$150 +


Double Process Retouch

$100 +


Highlights Full Head

Balayage or Foils

$150 +


Highlights Partial

Balayage or Foils

$100 +



Pulp Riot Creative Coloring Services

All Creative color services include a wash, blow dry and styling.

Please call to schedule a consultation for creative color services.

Full head

$150 +



Highlights Full Head

$150 +

Highlights Partial

$100 +

Color Glaze

$60+ freshly washed/no product on hair

$70+ if hair requires wash prior to service

Miscellaneous Services

Keratin treatment

Deep Conditioning Mask & Scalp Massage Treatment


Includes cleansing organic hair bath,  

deep conditioning organic restorative hair mask,

relaxing scalp massage and blow dry styling.

Natural Dreadlocks Services

Please Read Our Dreadlocks FAQ

Pricing listed below for installations are base prices.

Total cost will go up or down based on each clients individual needs

after a consultation is completed. 

Consultations are REQUIRED for all new clients. 



Individual “Pet” Dreadlocks Installation

(Up to 2 rows at the nape/max 10 locks)

$15 each dreadlock.


Partial Dreadlocks Installation

3 rows, typically to top of ear or dread hawk.

Base Price $250.


Full Head  Dreadlocks Installation

Base price $500.


Dreadlock Extensions

$80 per hour.

Plus the cost of hair.


Dreadlock Maintenance

$70 per hour.


Repair work and Reconstruction 

$80 per hour.


Dreadlocks Shampoo 

includes wash, scalp massage and blowdry


Dreadlocks Detox  

includes a deep cleanse with Dollylocks Detox,

wash, scalp massage & blowdry. 


(complimentary Dollylocks take-home sample size shampoo included with detox)  


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