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 Services below are listed with base prices. Your stylist will give

you a final pricing quote before proceeding with your service.


A free consultation may be required prior to your service appointment.


All haircuts include a wash, blow dry and styling.

Clipper Cut



Scissor Cut


Specialized Curly Cut



Bang Trim/Undercut/Side Shave




Wash, Blowdry & Style



Thermal Styling



Braid Styling


Hair Color Services

All color services include a shampoo & blow dry. 

All Double Process Blondes & Vivids include Olaplex.

Please complete an online consultation form for all color services.

Consultation forms can be found under the "Dreadlock" section. 

Single Process Retouch & Full Head

$80 per hour 

(avg 2.5 hours)


Double Process Blondes 

(Retouch, Full Head, Highlights & Balayage) 

$100 per hour

(avg 3-4 hours)


Double Process Vivids

(Retouch, Full Head, Highlights & Balayage)

$100 per hour

(avg 4-6 hours)

Natural Dreadlocks Services

Please Read Our Dreadlocks FAQ

Pricing listed below for installations are base prices.

Total cost will go up or down based on each clients individual needs

after a consultation is completed. 

Consultations are REQUIRED for all new clients. 

Consultation forms can be accessed HERE!



Individual “Pet” Dreadlocks Installation

(Up to 2 rows at the nape/max 10 locks)

$20 per dreadlock.


Partial Dreadlocks Installation

3 rows, typically to top of ear or dread hawk.

Base Price $300.


Full Head  Dreadlocks Installation

Base price $500.


Dreadlock Extensions

Full head $1000 & up 

Large partial $500 & up 

Partial $300 & up

Plus the cost of hair.


Dreadlock Maintenance

$80 per hour.


Repair work and Reconstruction 

$100 per hour.


Dreadlocks Shampoo 

includes wash, scalp massage and blowdry


Dreadlocks Detox  

includes a deep cleanse with Dollylocks Detox,

wash, scalp massage & blowdry. 


(complimentary Dollylocks take-home sample size shampoo included with detox)