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Menu & Pricing

 All new clients MUST fill out a consultation form before requesting an appointment

Consultation forms can be found HERE

Services below are listed with base prices.

Once your consultation form is reviewed you will be emailed

a final quote and instructions on how to book your appointment

Natural Dreadlocks Services

Please Read Our Dreadlocks FAQ

Pricing listed below for installations are base prices.

Total cost will go up or down based on each clients individual needs

after a consultation is completed. 


Dreadlock Maintenance

Master Loctician services   $100/hr

Senior Loctician services   $80/hr

Dreadlock Repair & Reconstruction

w/ Master Stylist


+ the cost of hair if required


Dreadlock Shampoo

includes wash, scalp massage & blow dry



Dreadlock Detox

a Deep Cleanse with Dollylocks Detox

includes wash, scalp massage & blow dry




Individual “Pet” Dreadlocks Installation

(Up to 2 rows at the nape/max 10 locks)

$20 per dreadlock.



Partial Dreadlocks Installation

3 rows, typically to top of ear


dread hawk/top locs 

$300 & up 



Full Head  Dreadlocks Installation

 $600 & up



Dreadlock Extensions for length

Full head $1000 & up 

Large partial $500 & up 

Partial $300 & up

Plus the cost of hair.


Mermaid Tail Extensions

(Inspired by Liz Kidder) 

Single ended Human hair extension service

that offers volume, texture, dimension & the illusion of length 

Natural Colors 

(Blonde,Brunette & Reds)

Face Framing - $125 & up

Partial - $250 & up

Full Head $375 & up

Plus the cost of hair.

Vivid Colors

an additional charge will incur if extension hair is to be custom colored

A Rebel Rebel Disco Production

Creative Freedom Required!

Let's Dance! Two artists are better than one!  We combine our Master Colorist and Dreadlock Skills to collaborate on a custom look that is unique to you! This is for a full head of color & mermaid tails that we will custom color prior to your service and strategically place to give you the most majestic locks you desire!

$250 per hour + the cost of hair




Synthetic Accent Dreadlock Extensions

Single ended $25 each

Double ended $35 each


OOAK Intuitive Decorating Session

Creative Freedom Required! 

A one of a kind decorating session that includes curated specialty art fibers, hair  and decor that we envision for your dreadlocks.

Let us unleash our own personal unique style & show you whats possible for your hair without any chemical coloring!

If you like unique big beautiful texture in your hair, this is for you! 





Hair Color Services

 All Double Process Blondes & Vivids include Olaplex.

Single Process Retouch & Full Head

$80 per hour 

(avg 1.5-3  hours)



Double Process Blondes 

(Retouch, Full Head, Highlights & Balayage) 

$100 per hour

(avg 3-4 hours)



Double Process Vivids

(Retouch, Full Head, Highlights & Balayage)

$100 per hour

(avg 4-6 hours)



All haircuts include a wash, blow dry and styling.

Clipper Cut



Scissor Cut



Bang Trim/Undercut/Side Shave


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